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Cumberland County Business Liability Insurance

Business Liability Insurance in Cumberland County

Business Liability Insurance
is for businesses at risk of being
sued by third parties for negligence.

The odds of getting sued in today's world
have severely increased.

Business Liability insurance will provide you with financial protection when your business is sued or held legally accountable for injury or damage.

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When you purchase business liability insurance, you need to know what type of form to choose.

General business liability insurance can be offered on an Occurrence, or Claims-made form.

Business Liability Insurance Quotes

Traditionally, Cumberland County business liability insurance has been based on the time of occurrence. This means the policy in effect at the time of the incident is responsible for handling any resulting claims - even if you are no longer with the insurance company that originally provided coverage. With this coverage, it is critical to keep good track of your policies, and who your insurance carriers were. Occurrence based policies do have a downside. Unlike property claims, Cumberland County business liability claims can be filed years after the actual occurrence. This time passage usually makes the actual date of an incident difficult to figure out, which in turn makes it harder to assign the responsibility to your liability insurance provider.

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Business Liability Insurance Quotes

Claims-made business liability insurance is an alternate way to establish business liability insurance coverage. With this policy, business liability insurance is linked to the policy in effect when a claim is filed and reported. This minimizes the tracking problems that can occur with occurrence business liability insurance policies. To limit the total risk to the insurance company, claims-made policies do place some limits on when an incident had occurred in order to qualify for insurance coverage. Typically, claims-made policies will cover incidents that occurred as long as seven years prior to the start of the policy. They also provide insurance coverage of claims made shortly after the business liability insurance policy expires. If a new claims-made business liability insurance policy refuses to extend coverage to occurrences far in the past, you may need to obtain coverage from your previous insurer. This is known as a supplemental ERP, or tail-end coverage.

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Cumberland County Business Liability Insurance
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